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Accu-Tech Automation designs and manufactures vibratory parts feeding systems and stand-alone workstations.

Contact Accu-Tech Automation About Vibratory Feeder Systems and Component Parts

Call, fax, e-mail, direct mail or use the form below!

Accu-Tech Automation Inc.
3601 E. New York Street

Indianapolis, IN 46201
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Phone: 317-352-1490
Fax: 317-352-1500

Submit the Form Below to Request a Preliminary Project Assessment

For more information about how we can help you with your parts feeding needs, please call us at (317) 352-1490, send us an email, or submit the form below (* = required field):

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OPTIONAL: ATA can determine the appropriate size and pricing for a Parts' Feeder Bowl, if you are able to provide a drawing of your part via e-mail or fax with the ORIENTATION and the FEED RATE noted.

If you have more specific needs, please select some basic concepts from the following options:

Bowl Size (I.D.)

6" 8" 10" 12" 15" 18" 21" 24" 30" 36"
Unknown   Clockwise rotation Counterclockwise rotation

Feed rate/PPM <30 30-60 60-120 120-250 250-500
One line of parts? 2 lines 3 lines 4 lines

None Gravity Track Inline Track
6"-12" 12"-18" 18"-24" 24"-36"+

None Escapement Pick & Place

None Hopper Above Bowl Elevating
How many cubic feet <1'-3' 3'-6' 6'-10' 12'-25'

None Table Common Sub-Plate

None Sound Enclosure

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