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Factory Automation System and Equipment

Factory Automation for Increased Productivity and Reduced Costs

Factory automation is helping companies around the world improve productivity while reducing costs. The range of a factory automation system extends from simple parts feeding equipment on an assembly line to entire manufacturing plants run by just several engineers and technicians.

Accu-Tech Automation manufactures factory automation systems and equipment for almost any size project or plant. We can custom manufacture a single vibratory feeder bowl or we can collaborate on an entire factory assembly line that includes vibratory hoppers, vibratory feeder bowls, inline drives, and other factory automation equipment and components.

Our latest developments in factory automation include unique component designs and engineering techniques that dramatically reduce the weight of the system. This reduction of the overall system weight combined with Reverse Phase Balancing (an assembly technique that splits the direction of internal system vibrations) helps isolate the operating unit from its supporting base, which dramatically reduces external vibrations and noise.

Additional features and benefits of our unique factory automation systems and equipment designs include:

  • Straight line feeder allows for tighter tolerances than round feeder bowl (from .030 mm to within .005 inches variance)

  • Adjustable feeder accommodates parts of many sizes

  • Enclosed system table for safer and cleaner operation

  • Cabinet shelves for convenient storage of related tools and manuals

  • Variable frequency controls for system monitoring
  • Digital LED displays to indicate and automatically control vibration frequency
  • Automatic notification to technician of impending problems
  • Dual voltage coils accommodate 220 or 110 outlets
  • Multiple gauges to regulate air flow and provide visual reference that lets you document the settings for repeated use with specific parts
  • Flexible automation (modular automation) design using bolts instead of welds for quick and easy system reconfiguration

Flexible automation (also known as modular automation) is the future of manufacturing. The rapidly changing demands of the market require today's manufacturers to quickly adjust products and manufacturing facilities. Failure to implement flexible, modular automation techniques and processes will ultimately hurt manufacturers that try to compete against those that are now implementing these new processes.

For more information about how we can help you with your factory automation system and equipment needs, please call us at (317) 352-1490 or send us an email.

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