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Vibratory Feeder: Inside-Tooled Screw Feeder for Precise Alignment with Machine Rails

Easy Field Installation of Custom Turnover Sections

Open tooling design offers easy visual access from virtually any direction, allows easy cleaning of jams and eliminates crisscross jams.

Horizontal and vertical adjustments are made simultaneously which translates into quick, easy set-up and precise alignment with machine rails.

Staggered track sections allow easy field installation of custom turnover sections, which convert slow feeding, head-heavy parts into high profits.

All 11 gauge construction, plus 1/4" gusseted support rail which prevents "tooling flex" and eliminates "dead spots."

Bowls are balanced for consistent part movement.

Larger capacity compared to similar bowls of equal diameter.

Angle discharge rails available.

Color-coded air lines for quick identification and adjustments of air jets.

Glass bead satin finish is standard. Polished available. See the section on Coatings for other finish options.

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