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Accu-Tech Automation Guarantees for Automated Assembly Systems - Parts Feeding and Handling Equipment

For All Component Equipment

Accu-Tech Automation (ATA) guarantees all component equipment to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year or 1.5 million cycles whichever comes first. ATA's warranty shall not exceed manufacturers warranty on any purchased components. Warranty shall not apply to parts damaged through misuse, abuse or negligence.

Defective parts are to be shipped to ATA freight prepaid. ATA personnel shall examine the parts, and if they are determined to be defective, the parts shall be repaired at no charge and sent, freight prepaid, to the purchaser.

If ATA determines parts to be unrepairable, ATA shall replace the parts at no charge to the purchaser. ATA reserves the right to determine if on-site warranty or production de-bugging is mandatory. ATA agrees to assist purchaser in contacting manufacturers of component parts if it should become necessary. Any alteration/modification to the machine, by the purchaser or their agent, without prior written approval from ATA shall void the warranty.


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