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Vibratory Feeder: Washer Feeder with Full Wave Electronic Controls for Quiet Operation

For Virtually Any Confinable Washer

32" outside diameter on a 21" drive. Other sizes available.

Totally adjustable from 3/8"OD to 1"OD washers.

Variable washer style capable of feeding virtually any confinable washer: flat, split-lock, bellville, conical, same internal-external tooth combinations, square and ferring.

Rated at 800ppm on 3/4"OD conical washers.

External track sensors are unnecessary due to pressure break inside of bowl.

Can be fitted with discharge angles to match any manufacturer's machine.

Large reservoir reduces the need for bulk supply hopper.

Rigid 11-gauge construction and full wave electronic controls eliminate need for sound deadening devices and ensures quiet, uniform operation.

No air required to operate at nominal speeds.

Attractive pricing.

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